Jeanette Seidel

Reiki Practitioner & Intuitive Counselor

If you long for greater peace and balance in your life, if you crave deep healing in your soul, and want clarity of understanding in your mind, then my offering of Reiki Energy Healing and Intuitive Counseling here in Charlotte can help you achieve these goals.

I am passionate about helping others to heal, and it gives me great joy to witness the transformation in my clients lives.
I would be honored to work with you.


Reiki Healing in Charlotte, NC

About Me

Born a highly "sensitive" person, I have always cared deeply about others. Compassion, empathy and the ability to help those in need come naturally to me.

This led me to study mental health in college, graduating with a BA in Psychology, and then pursuing and receiving my Master’s Degree in Social Work. I became a clinical social worker, offering individual, group and family therapy.

In my late twenties, I met and married my husband, and we moved to the Dominican Republic to pursue our dream of living in a Latin American country. There, we co-owned and operated several different businesses, a bed and breakfast, an international travel agency and even a natural foods restaurant!

We arrived at the island, excited about our new adventure. A few years later, a tourist on holiday came by and introduced us to yoga, meditation and chanting of sacred texts. At the age of 31, I received a spiritual awakening through these practices. It was an amazing time for me! The path of yoga gave me an understanding of who I am and helped me to embrace the divinity within my own heart.

After 5 years of living in the Dominican Republic, we moved back to the United States to immerse ourselves more fully in the practices of yoga and meditation. We lived full time in the Siddha Yoga Meditation Ashram both in upstate New York and in India for 9 years. Our spiritual path became our only focus. We also traveled throughout the United States, Canada and South America where we taught yoga and meditation.

We then moved to Charlotte, NC to start a family, adopted our son from Guatemala and I became a full time mom. During those first few years of raising my son, I found a Reiki Master and began another path of study. I loved learning how to correct imbalances in the human energy system using Reiki. I became a certified Reiki practitioner in 2002.

My extensive study, practice and teaching of yoga, meditation and chanting have given me direct personal experience of how cells in the body can change through the application of higher vibrations of energy. I use a holistic approach that incorporates all my combined experience and education. The sessions are intuitively guided and provide healing in a variety of ways. My clients experience deep relaxation, while harmony and balance is restored to their systems. The energy healing can also provide an opening for more transformative work to unfold.

I look forward to helping you balance and heal the very intimate connection between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.


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Jeanette Seidel - Reiki Healing in Charlotte NC

What is Reiki Energy Healing?

The body is a sacred vessel. It is the home of the soul and so it deserves to be treated kindly and cared for.

One of the ways to care for the body is by using energy healing to help restore balance and harmony to the subtle energy fields both within and around the body.

Reiki is a system of healing that enables the practitioner to draw the Universe’s energy into her body and then channel this energy through the hands into the client’s body. This channeled energy accelerates the process of self-healing in the client.

Imbalances and potential illnesses show up in the energy system before they manifest physically. In our body we have energy centers, called chakras, which store energy and energy patterns. These stored energy patterns can be from events that happened in the past as well as in the present. Some of these patterns are happy memories and some are unpleasant and painful ones.

Although we try to forget about the painful memories, our thoughts and feelings about those events get stored deeply in our chakras. Dis-ease is a manifestation of unbalanced energy. Therefore, working with a person’s energy system can allow for old patterns to be released, traumas to be healed and balance to be restored.

What to Expect

Individual Sessions

My sessions are intuitively guided and last for a full hour. In a supportive and relaxing environment, I start with inviting my client to express their thoughts and feelings about any current challenges they may be experiencing and what their healing intentions are for the session. The time spent in conversation can be anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on what they need.

The next step is where the client gets comfortable (fully clothed) on the massage table while I light some candles and incense in the room. For the duration of the session, I channel the Reiki energy by hovering my hands over the body.

To enhance the healing process, I play high vibrational music, which allows for greater relaxation and deeper entry into the soul. A Tibetan singing bowl is played before the Reiki session begins, and crystals and gemstones are placed on the massage table as well.

I also offer remote Reiki sessions.


  • Clarity of mind
  • Openness of the heart
  • Calmness of the nervous system
  • More energy
  • Feeling more balanced and grounded
  • Greater self-love and self-care
  • Release of unwanted feelings
  • Experiencing peace and joy

The results of each session depend on the healing needed by the client at that moment in time.

I offer a one-hour session for $90. And a 4 session package for $350.

Client Testimonials

I had the honor of meeting Jeanette in 2015. Upon meeting her, I knew I was in the right place. She has a very gentle spirit, she is embodied wisdom and an active listener.

She creates a space of safety and warmth, which allows me to drop into my body and awareness of my energy as she prepares for the Reiki session.

Reiki energy is subtle, yet very powerful and transformative. I always leave with a clear mind, softness in my body and openness in my heart. She has been an integral part of my self-care for the last eight years.

I appreciate the work Jeanette does, and grateful she is a part of my life.

Juli Cher

Jeanette is a sincere, gifted and seasoned Reiki practitioner who I have been seeing for almost a year.

She has been on her own spiritual journey for most of her adult life. Her life experiences and own self work helps guide her clients. When I feel "off center", I see her and feel calm and open by the end of our visit.

She gives and moves energy through my body in a peaceful and relaxing environment. She is a tool in my tool belt of coping with daily stressors in our busy world. I am grateful to have found her.

Melissa E.

Jeanette is the most amazing Reiki practitioner and healer. I came to see her after suffering with fatigue, low mood and a toxic relationship. In just a few sessions, my physical and mental health improved, and I had more energy and clarity.

Each session is relaxing, calming and enlightening. Jeanette is professional and extremely generous with her knowledge, listening skills and teaches me how to listen to my inner self with love and compassion.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jeanette and would graciously recommend her to all.

Mary G.

I decided to work with Jeanette because I was feeling challenged with my energy levels and having issues with balance. Through our work, she has found and resolved energy issues that I didn't even consciously know I had.

She has helped me integrate my spirit and soul into one solid, strong, and grounded entity. The time that Jeanette spends with me is a highlight of my week. Her care and compassion equally match her amazing skills in Reiki therapy.

Katie M.

I began seeing Jeanette in October 2014. I was very impressed with her credentials in that she has both a Master's in Counseling in parallel with her Reiki skills.

When I arrived at my first session I was horribly depressed, unable to express myself and my confidence level was extremely low. I was literally struggling just getting through day-to-day life.

I am so grateful to Jeanette for her time with me, and now I feel I can move forward in confidence as I work through the hiccups of life and my relationships with others, while loving and respecting myself in the process.

Barbara O.

I am so grateful to Jeanette for her time with me and now feel that I am getting stronger in my ability to tell family and friends what I need to, and say it in a loving way. I have also begun to take steps to care for myself mentally and physically as well. It is the only way I will be healthy and happy.

Using the tools and guidance Jeanette provided, I am improving every day.

Thank you, Jeanette, for all that you have done for me and for my mom. You are truly a loving and caring person. I look forward to meeting with you occasionally and to continue to grow to be the best me that I can be.

Sherry F.

I feel so fortunate to have found Jeanette. She is a gifted counselor and Reiki healer who helped me more fully integrate body, mind and spirit.

Stuck in a mire of self-blame and pain, her healing touch opened my heart chakra and led to a more loving way to approach myself and others.

I have given her name to many others who are seeking a compassionate person for insight and relief from emotional and physical blocks.

Carole E.

I'm SO thankful for Jeanette! When I came to her, I could barely keep a grip on things. I felt so overwhelmed with deep, dark, painful emotion and saw sadness in most everything.

After having several sessions with her, she was able to make me realize that I had a lot of suppressed emotion from my past that was affecting my present life tremendously.

She taught me how to take time for myself, live for myself, be thankful for the little things and take things day by day. She helped make me see things more clearly and opened my heart to feel true love for myself again and opened it to receive the spiritual guidance I need each and every day! Likewise, she's truly made a difference in my life and I will be forever grateful!

God continue to bless her, so she can continue to bless others, as she has blessed me!

GeNae B.

I decided to work with Jeanette because I was feeling a challenge around my childhood and tumultuous adolescence that were affecting my personal well-being and interpersonal relationships in the present.

Through our work together, I realized/discovered that there is a higher energy that connects us all.

I also discovered that my needs are important, and I was better able to set boundaries so that I could meet these needs. By doing this, I was better able to accept myself.

My work with Jeanette helped me to realize that I have everything within me to create peace and happiness in my life. Jeanette's energy work allowed me to become a more integrated human being.

I no longer focused on the past or future, but found comfort in the present moment. I am so grateful to Jeanette for her time with me, and now feel I can handle life's challenges without falling apart.

I now have faith that everything will work out as it should.

Jennifer N.

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Jeanette Seidel

“Summon forth the power of your inner courage and live the life of your dreams.”

- Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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